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Air Express Algeria offers you multiple air services, including personnel transport to oil sites, assistance with medical evacuations, transportation of VIPs as well as light cargo. Our network covers the whole of Algeria to better fits your needs.


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A range of services tailored to your needs

VIP Transport 

We provide you the most secure means of transport for your delegations and personal trips in Algeria. VIP flights allow you to reach remote sites and large cities in optimal comfort conditions. Our staff will provide you the needed ground support to provide your guests with preferential treatment.

Transportation of personnel

Air Express endeavors to provide safe, reliable and comfortable transport to all of our passengers. Air Express Algeria operates flights on a daily basis from major airports and various Oil and Gas sites within Algeria. Due to our diverse aircraft fleet, we are able to transport personnel closer to their work sites.

Our flights are tailored as per our customers need and request.

Medical evacuations 

When it comes to saving a life, every moment counts. Aircraft are the most effective and fastest mode of transport within Algeria. Air Express Algeria aircrafts can easily be configured for medical evacuation purposes with stretchers for patients and seats for medical attendants. Our pilots and aircraft can be operational in 45 minutes to respond to an emergency and conduct evacuations to major hospitals in Algeria (Ghardaïa, Algiers). Upon customer’s request, our ground crews can assist you regarding procedures to facilitate evacuations from the airport.


Light Cargo

Our aircraft can reach remote sites in record time. This is what we offer to our customer for their light cargo up to 2 tonnes. Air Express Algeria does not carry any hazardous materials (dangerous goods).