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What areas do you cover?

Air Express Algeria is based in Hassi Messaoud and covers the whole of Algeria.

What services do you offer?

Air Express Algeria offers companies services passenger and personalities, light freight transport and medical evacuation (Medevac).

An individual can book Air Express Algeria?

I do not. Air Express Algeria is an air carrier for companies.

How many people can you carry a maximum?

The air operator certificate issued by the Department of Civil Aviation and Meteorology authorizes Air Express Algeria to operate aircraft up to 20 seats.

What type of services on board?

Air Express Algeria does not offer services on board. Water is distributed to passengers.

Take care of you at airports?

Air Express Algeria has stops at airports in Algiers and Hassi Messaoud. Our teams are responsible for facilitating the formalities. We provide support services (Relex) to Constantine and Oran.

Do you provide transport services package at national or international?

Air Express Algeria carries only packages for corporate clients.

What are the limitations of FRET?

Cargo capacity and maximum cargo is 2 tonnes.

How to get a quote?

If you represent a company, you can send us a quote request through the online form.

How do we meet?

We welcome you to our premises. We do not get that appointment. To make an appointment thank you to send us a message via the contact form. However, we must warn you that we only get people representing companies.

When your offices are open?

Our offices are open from 8am to 17h to Algiers (Sunday to Thursday) and from 8 to 19h in Hassi Messaoud (7/7). We do not get that appointment.