Air Express Algeria

Your partner for a safe flight

The requirement for aviation safety
A capital asset in Algeria

Air Express Algeria offers its clients a durable partnership with Safety and Quality. Openness, transparency and exchange of information are at the heart of our cooperation with our customers making Air Express Algeria the favorite choice for the Oil and Gas Industry.

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A continuous improvement in aviation safety

internal audits (2013)
airstrips inspections (2013)
external audits (2013)

The choice of transparency

Since its inception, in 2002, we opened our doors successfully to several auditors mandated by our customers or by international institutions to assess our level of compliance.

All our departments, from Maintenance to Operations as well as our fleet are subject to regular monitoring and internals under the supervision of our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Management. Over 40 internal audits were conducted during 2013 in order to ensure compliance of Air Express Algeria with the best National and International standards, namely  DACM, EASASACAA and the OGP.

Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment policy

Cope with the extreme conditions of the Sahara

Ground reality

South of Algeria is a difficult and austere environment for aircraft operations. In order to better cope with the environment, Air Express Algeria complies with the standards and recommendations of Oil and Gas Industry Aviation guideline.

The Flight Safety department of Air Express Algeria carries out regular inspections on all of our operational sites. In 2013, our Safety department carried out over 10 airstrip inspections across Algeria with one aim: To ensure a safe operation for our customers.